We are a teacher-run group who has been creating quality examination papers and teaching resources for fifteen years. When you buy a past paper in Word, it is yours to use with your students for years to come. Buying our other teacher resources gives you the same rights.

  • Our cheaper pdfs are ONLY for current students and are on-screen only. If schools/teachers or tutors buy and use these they are breaking the law. 
  • Since our products are electronic files, they are perfect for projecting in the classroom as well as making hard copies. Please NEVER give our files to students. They should only have access to a Read Only version if you place them on a school platform. Nor should you ever enable the public to even be able to see them. We have to protect our writers who are doing all the hard work.

Our secondary examination papers are designed for all current NSW HSC courses. They have been popular with schools for Trial exams and student exam practice. Written by teachers actually teaching and examining the subjects, they are up-to-date with course and text changes and are written in response to NESA exam comments. Our NAPLAN papers and resources are designed for Australia-wide use to help prepare students for outstanding results. Our teaching resources and study notes are for teachers and students everywhere.

We pride ourselves on responding quickly to queries and special orders. We have built a reputation based on ethics and quality. As teachers, we know what teachers need and what actually helps learning. With us you really will, LEARN TO SUCCEED!

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Resources and Past Papers

There are two payment options.

  1. Using a credit card will give you an immediate download. You may need to check your SPAM folder.
  2. Using 'Direct deposit' allows you to pay later through your school system. Please include your school name; we usually deliver within 24 hours. You will receive a full invoice to take to your Accounts Office.
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2024 Trial Security exam papers can be ordered by schools NOW. HSC Trials delivered TERM 2 Week 9